How to find a good divorce lawyer

Deciding to go ahead for Divorce and ending up the marital knot can be an emotional and stressful task. Initiating the Divorce proceedings and preparing oneself to get out of the traumatic emotional dilemma could not be an easy job.  Adding to this will be the stress of finding a good divorce lawyer.  It is important to have a legal representation, so do your research and find the best divorce lawyer.  Finding the right lawyer could end up saving you time and money, and help you avoid long, drawn-out battles with your spouse. So choose your lawyer wisely.  


Key points to take note of while searching for a good divorce lawyer-


  1. Understand Lawyer’s Role in decision Making Process;

The purpose of using a lawyer is to help you move the dissolution of your marriage forward in a fair and economically viable manner.  While meeting a Lawyer, one should focus on money, movable & immovable assets, investments and custody of the children, if any.  One should not use his/her lawyer as an emotional support, for this surely one should look towards family and friends.  When meeting with the lawyer, keep your emotions out of the conversation and concentrate on answering lawyers questions with factual information.  Discussing what the marriage was like and the history of your relationships is certainly important, but it is not the lawyer’s job to provide counseling


  1. Take an Appointment With Shortlisted Lawyers

In order to decide who would be the right lawyer for ones unique situation, check out the suggestions and feedback provided by the lawyers.  Before setting up a meeting with the shortlisted lawyers, make sure about the charges for consultation, some may provide it for free. A lawyer providing free consultation does not means he isn’t capable or well enough to suggest.


Some relevant questions can be asked to the Lawyer


  1. Does your lawyer specializing in family law?

You will want to look for lawyers who specialize in family law.  If they don’t specialize in family law exclusively, find out what percentage of the practice is devoted to family law. It is important to get a good “fit”.  You should feel comfortable with your choice of lawyer.


  1. How much will Divorce process cost?

Do check for the fees to be charged by the lawyer.  What will be the billing terms?  Some lawyers have a set fee for mutual divorces.  Check with your lawyer about the tentative timelines while seeking contested divorce and how much the entire divorce process might cost.  To get an estimate, be sure to provide the lawyer with an idea if your divorce is amicable, or if it is likely to involve challenges from your spouse’s lawyer. Also, check for the custody agreement if there are children out of your wedlock. 


  1. What could be the tentative outcomes?

You want a clear idea of your lawyer’s competencies and track record for obtaining what is fair and right for you. Be sure your lawyer clearly tells you if he or she foresees any potential “sticky” problem areas.  


  1. About your rights and responsibilities

Check with your lawyer about legal rights and obligations.  Make sure your lawyer has firm knowledge about what you are legally entitled to and what you legally have to commit to when it comes time to finalize the divorce.


  1. Duration of the Divorce Process?

 Be sure to ask if the lawyer can work within your schedule. How flexible he or she can be in regard to timing.  You should also ask if you need to be present for any of the Court dates.


Make sure you have a good fit with the lawyer

Pay attention to the small details from the beginning:  Does your lawyer return phone calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time?  Is the location of the office convenient for you so that you don’t have to drive hours and pay for parking and tolls each time you need to meet with them?  


Check online presence of your Lawyer

In years past, some states allowed lawyers to advertise in telephone directories.  If you still use a directory, you can always check there, but nowadays nearly all lawyers and legal practices have websites that you can check out.  You may even find online reviews of their services if you Google their name or a firm’s name.  

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